Infrastructure – a growth market

Invest in basic human needs.

Asian infrastructure –
invest where growth is vibrant.

Infrastructure expansion and modernisation are the biggest challenges facing societies across the globe in the 21st century. Not least financially. Corporate consultancy McKinsey estimates that as much as USD 94 trillion will be required by 2040 in order to bring global infrastructure up to modern standards.

This applies particularly in Asia, which is now firmly established as a global powerhouse. As a result of its unbroken population and economic growth the region is now reaching the limits of its infrastructure capacity, and urgently needs to invest more in the qualitative and quantitative expansion of the necessary infrastructure.

Impact investments –
resulting in a sustainable triple bottom line

ThomasLloyd´s sustainable infrastructure investments bring a completely new, more holistic and contemporary approach to the terms investing and return. ThomasLloyd allows investors to make investments that are financially successful yet also responsible with a strong ecological and social impact, in accordance with ThomasLloyd's mission statement: ‘Invest where your money makes the difference.’ The result is a unique combination of financial, ecological and social returns – for investors and for the environment, but also for the local community.

The perfect solution for every investment goal.

ThomasLloyd’s infrastructure investment platform offers private investors unique access to the growth market for infrastructure in Asia – based on a broad range of dependable investment solutions that reflect two key investor demands:

•    rising demand for real assets with stable valuations and attractive potential returns, and

•    increasing interest in responsible and sustainable investments.

With an ever-increasing range of funds, bonds and structured products, ThomasLloyd always offers the ideal investment solution – for different investor types, investment objectives and investment horizons.

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